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We offer Party Wall guidance damp surveys, licences for alterations, access licences and schedules of condition.


Give us a call for free advice with no obligation or pressure to use our services. We just want to help. We can advise you if work is subject to the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and if it is, we can advise on the best steps to take. We listen to your needs and give you tailored unique advice. Our advice is honest, frank and easy to understand. We drop the jargon and we strive to give you the knowledge to make sound decisions.


Our guides are simply the best. They are like no other – check them out. They include information not found anywhere else. You know they are different when they include sections such as ‘how to sack your surveyor’. Party wall surveyors will tell you that they cannot be sacked, but our guides challenge the norm. We believe that the public deserve better, and our guides aim to raise industry standards, as well as to arm the reader with information that will help them to keep their surveyor honest.

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Well-written legally valid notices are essential. Firstly, they can increase the chances of the neighbour consenting. It provides reassurance receiving a professional notice package, and we serve our notices with a helpful information sheet and a covering letter. Amazingly, we serve notices for all our clients, free of charge, and with no obligation to use our services. Our aim is to help you to get your project up and running with minimal fuss.


We encourage amicable settlement if possible. Where there is a dispute, we push for it to be settled in the most cost-effective way possible. If our services are required to settle a dispute, we have knowledge of the law to ensure all parties are aware of their rights and obligations. We are able to explain ourselves clearly, and we think outside the box, which is vital when it comes to settling disputes.

Party Wall Guidance

Damp Survey

Damp issues can be serious, and can cause health problems to those living in a property with damp problems. Mould associated with dampness is a health hazard that can cause asthma attacks and an allergic reaction. Dampness can damage in building in numerous ways, from weakening building materials, to reducing the effectiveness of insulation and damaging decorations.

Incorrect diagnosis is a common problem which can lead to money being thrown away, or worse still, work undertaken that worsens the problem. Having an understanding of the causes of dampness is vital so that the correct remedy can be applied. There are companies offering a ‘free survey’ however, they have a financial interest in attributing a damp issue to a remedy that they can offer. 

We ensure our Surveyors are kept updated with the latest training from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the Property Care Association. It is vital that the latest techniques are used along with the most up-to-date information, to ensure the right remedy is found, so that you can address the issue.

Our Surveys are clear, concise and will help you to make the right decision.

Schedule of condition

A schedule of condition can be useful for many reasons. It provides a snapshot of a property, and is often undertaken prior to tenants moving into a property, or before works to a neighbouring property commence. 

A schedule can really help to settle disputes, as often allegations of damage can be made, and there can be disagreements as to whether the alleged damage was pre-existing or caused by a particular party. Our Surveyors are able to understand the context by which an inspection is undertaken, ensuring that the report is relevant and best placed to protect all interested parties.

The schedule report is easy to read, avoiding complicated industry jargon. We simply make it easy to understand, using specialist software and an easy layout with cross-referenced photos. We use the latest technology and software, specifically ‘Surveykit’ which has cut our inspection time by 40% allowing us to charge less whilst minimising inconvenience.

Licence for alteration

A tenant wishing to undertake work to a property is often likely to require the landlord’s consent. Work can range from a loft extension, to simply changing any windows. It is important to take advice, to ensure that the terms of a lease are not breached. In the event of a breach, it can be difficult to sell a property, and applying for retrospective consent can be complex and costly. It is vital that the correct steps are taken to ensure that any alterations are compliant, avoiding litigation.

At the Surveyor Group we follow ‘the Alterations Protocol’ which aims to improve communication between the landlord and the tenant, avoid disagreements, and ensure that matters are dealt with in a timely manner.

How are we different?



We serve notices free of charge with no obligation to use our services.


We mandatorily make our clients aware of the agreed surveyor route, potentially forfeiting our fee.


We lobby professional bodies for change, by working directly with them to call out poor behaviour and finding solutions to improve the industry.


We DO NOT ambulance chase (the practice of sending unsolicited letters to adjoining owners as soon as a building owner puts in for planning). We condone that behaviour and we call it out.


We do not ask you to sign a letter of appointment until you have agreed our fee and a dispute has materialised. Once appointed, a surveyor cannot be sacked.



We have taken the time to ensure our guides are available for all to see, free of charge. There are NO other guides like ours. Blank templates? No. Not with us. Sugar-coating the act? No. Not on our watch. Our guides are bold, frank and exactly what is needed to awaken this stale half-asleep industry.


We do not advertise. We do not care for Google Ads, search engine optimisation or magazine features. Our reputation is important.


We write articles, blogs and guides, for YOU. We don’t ask for your custom, we don’t try to sell you our services, we just give you knowledge, knowing that if you like us, you will use us.



We are not perfect. We think we are pretty damned good at what we do, but we are a four-star company, not a five-star company. We make mistakes from time-to-time, but when we do, we own them. We apologise, we improve, we learn. We will never be perfect and we will never pretend to be.