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TPWC Logo Competition

We had great fun running a competition with a local school - to design a logo for us. The winner raised £250 for their school, and received a £50 toy voucher. We were so impressed with the entries, that in the end we gave £10 to every entrant.

Below is the winning design - we actually allowed other surveyors to choose, as we were torn between about 4 or 5 different designs and we couldn't find consensus:

A massive congratulations to our winner Paige. We were told that she had been having a hard time recently, and that when she discovered she had won, she was ecstatic and immediately phoned her grandpa, beaming with pride to share the good news.

We were also impressed with the brother and sister team of Ethan and Leyla, and we decided that as teamwork is awesome, we should give them a £10 toy voucher each.

We were impressed with this somewhat 'communist' design - perhaps inspired by the fact that we are The Party Wall 'Collective'.

The logo competition made us feel awesome. We cannot deny that perhaps selfishly, interacting with local communities and giving to good causes makes us feel great. We made a decision that our marketing budget (i.e. the money paid to advertise on 'google' and other platforms) would be given to good causes. So we do not pay to advertise. Having fun, interacting with our communities and giving to good causes will now be a habit, with money leaving our office just as readily and easily as it would if going to these various marketing platforms.

We have loads of ideas in the pipeline, but we mainly want people to have fun, use their imagination, and to enjoy being productive whilst raising money for great causes.

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