Our Communities

We care about our communities and we strive to contribute meaningfully. Our staff are encouraged to volunteer – to get stuck in. We do this by giving them days off so they can actively contribute to our communities, instead of just throwing money at problems. We offer advice and help to those seeking work, from giving people the opportunity to shadow us and join us for work experience, to simply having a coffee and a chat.

We have worked with schools to encourage creativity, from encouraging primary school pupils to design a logo for our company, to instigating poetry and writing competitions. This World is beautiful, and we love our communities. We can do amazing things together.

About Us
Honesty is the best policy
Get to Know Us

You will find that we are often out of the office visiting properties all over London and the South
East. Do please get in touch if you would like to arrange to meet one of our surveyors in person.
Oru Space where we work, do the most amazing coffees, so come in and say hi!

Life at The Surveyor Group

2020 has been tough, with isolation and anxiety hitting us hard. We know, now more than ever, that family and friends come first. They come before us, and we support that. Working with us, we will put you first, ensuring that we have your back and that we support you in all that you do.

We have no idea how long you will be with us for, whether you are just passing through, or whether you will retire with us. We want to make every day special.

Something to work towards…

We aim to promote from within our company. We aren’t in the business of looking elsewhere to fill a job, we are in the business of nurturing talent and realising dreams. We encourage continued learning and development, and nothing satisfies us more than watching you grow. 

Free gym membership at your local chosen gym.

Having a baby? Have £500 on us, to help with your new arrival.

Want to work from home? Go for it – we will set you up.

Need a duvet day? Sorted. No questions asked. 

Happy Birthday! Take the day off – see you tomorrow. 

Professional cooking classes at a cookery school. Take a friend if you like!

Our Story

We are Surveyors who share a common goal of disrupting Surveying as we know it. From building surveys and damage reports that hide behind caveats, to party wall matters being improperly handled to the benefit of surveyors cashing in, we put our clients first. We aren’t in a rush to take your cash. We simply believe that we should do what is right by you. After all, if we do right by you, more work might just come our way.

Our main aim is to arm our clients with knowledge, so that they can make informed decisions. We are transparent, and our integrity is non-negotiable. Our fees are fixed and we don’t charge disbursements.


We buy our own office cookies and we won’t charge you 11p per piece of paper. It’s on us. 

To disrupt, is to challenge, and we do this all the time. From our website, to our guides, presentations and interactions with other surveyors, we are on the prowl to push and challenge long held ideas. We think a lot more needs to be done to protect the public, and we pressure professional bodies to confront poor practice. 

We are born out of a need to radically raise standards, and to stop unnecessary fee-generation.

We are The Surveyor Group.