No Bad Smell

Surveyors have a bad rep. There are lots of nice ones around, but our industry has been stained by the baddies. The greedies. And the uglies. We’re not ugly. But we are here to roll up our sleeves, and scrub away the bull. We’re proud surveyors. And you’ll probably like working with us. There’s only one way to find out though. Get in touch to see how we can help.

No Messing Around

We are transparent, clear and we tell it to you straight.

We bring the law

Our job is all about facts and communication. We’re here to prevent legal disputes, to give you all your options, and to prepare sites for construction. We know our way around the law, and we make sure you stay in line with it. Ready to build a loft, basement or extension? Let’s get you legally straight.

Party wall surveyors resolve disputes.

We try to avoid them altogether, by advising parties how they
can proceed amicably. We pride ourselves on achieving high levels of consent under the Party Wall
etc. Act 1996.

We sort the disputes

Where a dispute materialises, we use our expertise to ensure matters are resolved swiftly and fairly. We clearly and concisely outline rights and obligations, ensuring work under the Party Wall Act can
commence in a way that safeguards everyone’s interests.

No Limits...
Well some 

We specialise in partywall matters, but we have a few other tricks too.

Building defects

Dispute Resolution